This unisex artisanal creation is positive to ease and please the senses. Highly moisturizing, nourishing, & gentle for the skin. The Goat's milk is an aggressive, but gentle cleanser that gets the job done with no problem. Leaving your skin soft & supple with a light, yet distinctive aroma of pure might even get a teensy bit of cherry in the background.


*There is no almond oil or extract in this product.

Almond Joi

SKU: 0009

  • Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, Goat's Milk, unrefined shea butter, glycerin {kosher, of vegetable origin}, water, sodium hydroxide {saponifying agent}, propylene glycol {veg. glycerin based}, sorbitol {moisturizer}, sorbitan oleate {emulsifier}, oat protein, titanium dioxide {mineral whitener}, mica, phthalate free fragrance

  • 4.3 oz