These are not your average, every day, run of the mill body oil fragrances. Each oil is carefully blended with the perfect selection of fragrance & essential oils needed to create these original scents. They are all natural formulas consisting of zero chemical weights. The oils are weighted in the highest quality proprietary food grade oil blend; which happens to be amazing for the skin. High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; as well as having an exceptionally high absorption rate.


These long lasting, all natural body oils give you the same result as mainstream perfumes, without all the alcohol & chemicals. Original scents to compliment the changes in your mood, energy, & perspective on existence. Let your olfactory senses enhance your life.


The cobalt blue glass bottles ensure that the fragrances last longer because the bottles are not being permeated by sunlight. The stainless steel balls make for a better transfer as opposed to the frosted glass balls, which can get stuck over time.


*All of the scents listed in bold are available in other products, ie soaps, body butters, beard elixirs, refresher spritzes, & shower steamers.


Almond Joi ~ This unisex artisanal creation is positive to ease and please the senses. A light, yet distinctive aroma of pure might even get a teensy bit of cherry in the background.


A Man's World ~ A forever masculine classic for every man of any age. An elegant & complex combination of bergamot, mint, lavender, sandalwood, tobacco & bay leaf, just to name a few, but we'll save you the semantics. Just get some, fall in love, & come back for more.


1966 ~ An homage to the mature & sophisticated scent of Aramis, which was introduced to the world in 1966. Woodsy, while fresh & bitter it boasts an earthy blend of amber, sandalwood, cumin, & gardenia. {Limited Edition}


Be Delicious ~ A tribute to the pleasantly, soft and fruity DKNY Be Delicious. This is an alluring blend of apples, grapefruit, with floral notes. A pure delight to the senses. {Limited Edition}


Black Jasmine ~ Black Jasmine is a lovely combination of black currant, amber, sandalwood, gentle kisses of sultry musks woven together with strands of rich red raspberries, & seductive hints of vanilla & jasmine. A truly unforgettable fragrance & experience. Sure to have passers by asking, "What scent are you wearing?"


King Solomon's Gold ~ Close your eyes & imagine a man who smells of new, Italian leather & an enticing wooden tobacco blend with pear & redwood. {This particular oil has been purchased for use as an anointing oil.}


Lavender Mist ~ A soft interpretation of lavender & chamomile. Pretty meets delicate & dainty. Start your day with this or close out the day with it, either way, it will be a match made in heaven for your senses.


Manscape ~ A sexy, tailored suit draped on the shoulders of a regal gentleman of the royal court. Lush leather, clove, tobacco, roasted oak, & exotic tones of sultry sandalwood, cedarwood, & amber thread the needle to round out the final design of this dapper & profound fragrance.


Moonlight Waterfall ~ A clean breeze of manliness. A perfect balance of water, green melon, fresh oranges, fresh cut grass, mint, & rose washed in sandalwood. Irresistible is a simple understatement.{Limited Edition}


Moor Clean ~ A crisp & masculine conversation all amongst essence of violet, sultry jasmine, rich amber, apple, revitalizing rose and dew ridden lily, all complemented by fresh & clean orange & lime. Don't knock it 'til you try it because this "spa day" will definitely "take you away"! Like the Moors ruling in ancient Spain. Stay clean!


Nomad~ A rich & debonaire show stopper for the man who loves all things original. A superbly inviting combination of warm sugared cinnamon spice, nutmeg, & vanilla infused chestnuts with musky undertones wrap the senses in a fanciful pleasant evening under the stars.


Peach Mimosa ~ A fresh, fruity, & brightly direct fragrance. Peaches, nectarines and apricot swim around in champagne complete with sparkling bubbles.


Queen Tings ~ An additional piece to the Queen Tings Collection. Let her have soap, shower steamers, refresher spritz, & body elixir of life. The King in any realm will bask in the greatness that is the intoxicating love spell of tantalizing fragrance that is sure to cure the most ill feelings. Get yours today and start your trip down the path of royalty.


Sacred Water ~ Get ready to be quietly blown away by this exquisite & upper east side. Take your mind to a place where underground supper clubs & speakeasies ruled the night. Oakmoss, orange, grapefruit, rose, amber, vetiver, pimento berry, teakwood & a host of other intriguing fragrant blessings from nature.


Salted Rose ~ Far from what an average rose would smell like. This is not your grandmother's rose perfume. Softly scented with rose, orange zest, musk, champagne, grapefruit, & bergamot.


Stay Home With Me ~The name that tells a story with a scent that speaks to its namesake. Its a rich, cozy, unisex scent, that will bring happiness and grace to your senses. A sweet & statement commanding blend of apple, mint, peach, musk, & moss.


Strawberry Kisses ~ A playful representation of strawberries, fruit, flowers, & vanilla. Little girls love to smell sweet, but have something that the grown~ups have. {Limited Edition}


The S.H.I.T ~ Sugar. Honey. Ice. Tea comes together to deliver a tropical citrus escape to a time where there are no worries. Coconuts, orange sorbet, & litsea cubeba {a high, sweet citrus} bring happiness to the party.

Original Collection Body Oils

  • Proprietary food grade oil blend, all natural phthalate free fragrance oils, and/or essential oils

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