Introducing a new version of an "Old School" classic. All natural, old fashioned laundry soap. This laundry soap is a multipurpose product, as it can be added to your mop water or used to clean the toilet. Your clothes will never have felt so good. This product alleviates the need for fabric softener or laundry sheets. Both of which are full of chemicals that shorten the life of your beloved clothes.


The scent has been described as, "I just want to add it to some water & drink it like a new Kool-Aid flavor." Don't do that, but do indulge in what should be a luxury for you & your family. Scented in a powerful marriage of litsea cubeba {a sweet aromatic citrus} & tea tree essential oil. 


~White distilled vinegar & sodium bicarbonate are like law when it comes to natural cleaning. But they will activate like a get all bubblicious when they are mixed.

Pure Wash

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  • Washing soda, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, African Black soap, white distilled vinegar powder, essential oils of litsea cubeba & tea tree.