Shower Steamers are basically "Bath Bombs" for the shower. Simply set one to the far back corner of the shower. When the water hits it, the scent will start to carry on the steam. This will create an aromatherapeutic shower for you in the comfort of your own home.  


Queen Tings: Made with a phthalate free fragrance oil. The decadent & regal scent profile sun-kissed tropical fruits, zesty citrus and sweet, succulent watery notes entangled with green auras, fresh bloomed island flowers. Followed with a whimsical love spell that will whisk you away to pure delight. These steamers have a soap & a refresher spritz to match! 


P.S. My husband says, "This will fix whatever is wrong. And if there's nothing wrong, something will be very right!!"


*Each bag comes with 6 2 oz. tablets. Since they take quite a while to dissolve, if you don't use a whole one in your shower, just pick it up and let it dry. You'll be able to finish it in your next shower!





Queen Tings Shower Steamers

Queen Tings: Magenta
  • Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin clay, Witch hazel, & *phthalate free fragrance.