Our Salted Rose Clay Mask is a special treat within the "Salted Rose Collection". This mask was developed for a mild, yet powerful detoxing facial mask. Its chock full of valuable vitamins & minerals that our faces need to fight the ills of life. Our faces are the first thing to enter the world when we leave the house. We must take the time to pay special attention to our faces. Who doesn't want to be fresh faced & fabulous? Literally, no one. 


*Salted Rose Collection Includes:

Facial Bar Soap

Body Butter

Body Oil

Refresher Spritz


Salted Rose Clay Mask

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt {fine ground by hand}, rose clay, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarboante, liquid shea oil, crushed rose petals, silk protein, phthalate free fragrance oil.

  • Add 1-2 teaspoons to a small dish or container. Mix with filtered, distilled, or purified water to make a paste/slurry. Apply evenly on your face and let dry. You will feel your face tingle & tighten, as the mask dries. When your clay mask has completely dried, thoroughly rinse your face with cool water. Pat your face dry. Complete your treatment with a small amount of "Salted Rose Body Butter" to moisturize your fresh & fabulous face. Enjoy your glow! 


    *If there is more of the clay mask left in your mixing container, let it dry & rehydrate later for another treatment. We don't believe in being wasteful.